A new Power Source

There is no other practical source of energy which can compare with water power because it has by far the highest yield factor of all means of energy production.

The following discourse demonstrates that it can be technically and economically worthwhile to utilize the energy potential of the rivers also in the lowlands. The total kinetic energy contained in the running waters in flat land is several times that of the rivers in hill country. However, it has not been possible to utilize it until now, since hydroelectric generation required a head of water and a barrage.

The valleys which the rivers have carved out within the course of thousands of years supply the initial prerequisites for the banking up water because without them, dams which run many kilometres on both sides of the river would be required. The task is now to make this same energy, which, thanks to valleys, can be produced in mountainous areas, also available in the lowlands.

Lutz Kroeber 2007 Transverpello